Listening to Spoken Word poetry on Youtube makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. 


I swear there is nothing better than a really long fanfic to get immersed in

Oh yeah. Look what I got!

Oh yeah. Look what I got!


After a month of checking UCAS tracking daily and having a mini heart attack every time Irecieved a bloody newsletter a thing happened……….I got a conditional……from Glasgow Uni to studyEnglish Literature


Incredibly pround to be Scottish and a lesbian right now. We just became the 17th country in the world to legalise same sex marriage. Who says the Scottish Government can’t get anything done….well, me in monday morning politics classes but still. In this moment they rock


Its after 3am, I’m up for college at 7. I should be a responsible adult and go to sleep….or I could watch the next episode of Borgen (2x05). This show is epic and I wanna be Halle Holm, you know minus the alcoholism. Yeah I need sleep.


I started Borgen today, this seemed like a great life choice 4hrs ago. I love Brigette and Hanne. God I need to sleep.


Pretty much

this is actually me right now,


Pretty much

this is actually me right now,

yup truth me 


Been listening to so much slam poetry/spoken word online that I am now clicking my fingers when I agree with something someone says, even if its just my friends. Been on the receiving end of some strange looks.

Yeah, UCAS still hasn’t got back to me, and the next four years of my life and my future career as a librarian is dependent on this but at least I discovered Suli Breaks and Sarah Kay and life is a little better.

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